Google Daydream Review – BBC’s The Turning Forest

BBC’s “The Turning Forest” is an incredible storytelling application that brings you into this colourful and mysterious world though the magic of the Google Daydream VR headset.

When I was first asked to try out the Google Daydream, I was struggling to find the one app that would blow me away, and truly make me feel like I was taken to another place, that was until I downloaded and installed The Turning Forest.

The gorgeous colours and art style are like no other, and it’s easy to forget where you are, and want to explore this new land.
I found myself looking everywhere, taking in all the beautiful scenery, and with the Daydream headset, lightweight and comfortable, it all felt so natural. I could look up into the perfect sky, or behind me, at the vibrant flowers.

The developers recommend headphones, and it’s easy to see why. The spatial audio allows you to hear sounds in all kinds of directions, and I often found myself looking down by my side or behind me to find a frog, insect or rustling wind. It truly is an app for all of your senses.

The scenery and audio tell the story for you, meaning it can capture an audience no matter the ago or nationality, a feat not often able to be accomplished.

I rate this visually stunning and responsive app a 4 out of 5 stars.


I asked two colleagues of mine to also experience this app, and give me their feedback;

“I’ve always been skeptical of VR (Virtual Reality) because I feel it isn’t very life like. This app really made me second guess my opinion and I really enjoyed the world. The colours and sounds really made me forget where I was. I definitely recommend this app to anyone who wants to escape, I just wish the story was more in depth, I wanted to see more. I would rate this a 3 out of 5 stars.” – Paul W.

“I really liked the colours, it was very pretty. The monster was a little scary at first, it felt like it was right in front of me and I could just reach out. I really liked how I could hear sounds all around me and how I could just move my head to look around. I didn’t really understand the story but that didn’t matter because I really liked looking at all the landscapes. I’m glad I watched it but I’m not sure I would need to do it again. I would give this a 3 out of 5 stars because it looks really pretty but not a lot really happens.” – Michelle B.

You can download BBC’s The Turning Forest HERE



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